What is virtual real estate?

Love them or hate them, big names like Kim Kardashian & Gary Vaynerchuk, give valuable insight into what matters in business & one of them is VIRTUAL REAL ESTATE a.k.a websites!

It is a space in the virtual realm that belongs to you. You own it & no matter what happens to social platforms, metaverses & other digital “worlds”, you are 100% in control of this one.

If someone else has the ability to control your content on a platform, then you don’t own the platform, THEY DO!

Why do you need it?

Like with actual property, virtual real estate increases the value of your brand & business.

It’s a place where you connect with your client (without the distraction of social media), build trust, build brand value & sell your service or product to the clients that need what you have to offer.

Building trust is one of the most important factors in business today.

The average attention span is 3 – 5 sec, you need them to be in a space where you can hold their attention.


Website development & building

Your website gets designed & created for you based on your brand, your needs & your clients profile. Function over form, YET still looking on point & very unique.

Website management

Like with actual real estate, websites need to be maintained, managed, updated & serviced regularly otherwise they will get old, dated & the cracks will start to show. This is a key component that most neglect.

SME Marketing Project management

Ideal for SMEs who need a marketing plan & system in place, but don’t have the budget to hire a CMO. I set up your blueprint & game plan for you to work off for your business or project.

I believe in being

Beautiful & Simple

It does not need to be complicated, even a single page representing your brand can be highly effective.

The structure & functionality of the website depends on the client & their customers needs.

Ecommerce stores

A fully integrated eCommerce platform to sell pretty much, anything. Whether it is physical products, digital art, courses,  services, or coaching, it can be monetized online on your own personal platform.

Landing pages

A website doesn’t mean it has to be multiple complex pages… It can literally be a single page focusing on a specific outcome, e.g. lead capturing, contact form, sale page, sales funnel etc

Influencer platforms

If you are an influencer wanting to grow credibility or have a landing page where your fans can spring off to all your different social platforms & affiliations, owning your own virtual real-estate should be your #1 priority.

Business websites

This is ideal for specialized service-based businesses that need a professional website to show their clients what they do, the team they will work with, previous projects & how to contact them. Very much like this website you are on now.

Clean, Modern & unique

The focus is on building virtual pages that are unique to what you need, and what your brand represents but more importantly, for it to be functional & effective for the user & the outcome that is desired.

Beautifully Responsive

With over 60% of web views coming from mobile (& growing fast) my web designs are focussed on being responsive for mobile capability & functionality, while still looking on-point with the brand.

learning hours (aka testing, failing & retrying)

professional working hours experience

college degrees. yup, I am self-taught

Carefully Crafted to

Build virtual platforms where brands grow in value

who am I?

My name is Jody Calitz. I am a self-taught Web Designer, Digital Content Creator & Marketing Project Manager. It started way back in 2009 when I was first introduced to the concept of owning “virtual real estate” (I was in the fitness industry at the time) & the only option I had available to me, was to teach myself! 13 years later, I get to help others build their virtual real-estate.

Web design

web management

SME Marketing Management

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Setting up your website, online business or any other virtual platform can be overwhelming, & oftentimes very confusing.

With tons of information & options out there, choosing the “right one” can be pressurizing.

The focus should be on WHO you connect with and IF they can bring to life what you are needing. 

Drop a message here if you have any questions.

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